Alex Ferguson said hi in Portuguese

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Alex Ferguson said hi in Portuguese

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Bom dia.” It was only two words and it was not exactly poetry, but Carlos Henderson Authentic Jersey it was enough. Andreas Pereira was being shown around Carrington by Manchester United’s chief recruitment officer, Geoff Watson, with his dad when Sir Alex Ferguson Jon Ryan Jersey appeared, which was probably always part of the plan, just as greeting him in Portuguese probably was too. A forward for PSV Eindhoven, the Brazilian had arrived as the outstanding player at the Nike Cup, a kind of youth world championship, but the people he passed had no idea who he was and he was not sure what he wanted to do next. Until, he says, the person he passed was the manager. And then his mind was made up.
“Suddenly we met Ferguson,” Pereira recalls. “He said ‘hi’ in Portuguese and that was very http://www.bengalsofficialonlinestore.com/Alex_Erickson_Jersey special to me. I didn’t expect that. I thought: ‘How does he know that?’ It was only a little detail but it made me want to go to United straight away. I wanted to sign immediately and stay there. So, I did stay. And from then I never wanted to go anywhere else.” It was 2011 and Pereira was 15; he is 22 now, and it has not quite worked out like that. Not just yet, anyway. But if he has gone somewhere else, it was because he wanted to – in fact, this summer he had to fight for his loan move to Valencia, arguing his corner in negotiations with José Mourinho – precisely because he believes it is the best way back.
Outstanding at youth and under-21 level, Pereira has played 13 Ivan Rodriguez Authentic Jersey senior games for United. His first was a League Cup defeat against MK Dons in August 2014. He forfeited matches this season for the future, pushing to go on loan. He sought minutes, development, and the decision was not taken lightly. Pereira is intelligent and articulate and the thought that went into it is clear, as is the personality it took.
If the reward is experience, he has had plenty. Last season he suffered relegation on loan at Granada, under Tony Adams, http://www.footballeaglesofficialonline.com/Nike-Reggie-White-Jersey.html playing the role of footballer and translator too, proficient in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Flemish; on Thursday his Valencia team, revived under Marcelino García Toral and third in the league above Real Madrid, face Barcelona in the first leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final at the Camp Nou.
In the hours before the game Mourinho may message him; soon after it his dad will call. He always does. A former footballer, Marcos Pereira played in Belgium for eight different clubs, ending at Lommel United, where Andreas began, and retired a year before his son joined Manchester United.
“He showed me videos, how I had to play. When I was at PSV, I’d get home from training and we’d train there. I’d practise free-kicks and corners. After games he’d say: ‘You have to do this, you have to do that.’ Sometimes I was, like: ‘Ah, just shut up, I don’t want to speak about football.’ But I always listened and he would tell me: ‘No, it’s for your own good.’” The coaching continues now. “He watches the game on telly at home in England and calls: ‘Why did you do that?’
“My dad always tells me what to do and what not to do on the pitch. He always gives me advice. But coming to Spain again was my decision. I wanted to go somewhere and play a regular season and play every game because I think it was important for me. Last year I did it and I felt stronger for it. I felt good. The United staff recognised it and they saw that I came back a better player. And that’s why I made the same decision this year.
“[At first] I was thinking that I want to stay. But as the pre-season went on I had the feeling: ‘I don’t think I’m going to play enough, I’m not going to get a lot of minutes.’ I have to play, I have to continue developing. I knew I would get some http://www.officialpanthersonlinestore.com/Jaromir_Jagr_Jersey game time at United but here I’m playing every week and being important for the team. It was a very difficult decision. I never want to leave United but I want to play as well. In the end it will make me a better player and I will still be a United player.” wholesale jerseys usa nba jerseys for sale wholesale jerseys paypal cheap jerseys wholesale mlb authentic jerseys cheap jerseys nfl

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Re: Alex Ferguson said hi in Portuguese

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